Sifar İlaçları - New LIFEABOUT US

50 Years in Health Sector
Sifar Pharmaceuticals is established in 1966 by Dr. Parodi, the representative of Italian Lepetit Company.
Since the day it was established, our company stressed the importance of quality and presented high quality drugs and health products to Turkish market for more than 50 years with the philosophy of “Architect of Quality in Medicine”.
The products produced for diseases like tuberculosis, epilepsy, anemia, allergy and nausea has made Sifar Pharmaceuticals an important member of Turkish Health Sector.
Sifar Pharmaceuticals headed towards Nutritional Food Supplement Market in 2004, and reacquired the brand NEW LIFE, which the Turkish market met on 1995.
A Healthy Life with New Life
Nowadays the importance of protective medicine is increasing. The researches carried out showed that instead of trying to be cured after becoming ill, taking the necessary protective measurements while healthy is more important and efficient.
The eating habits of today lack of necessary vitamins, minerals and other several natural sources, which are crucial for human health. These deficiencies constitute the focus of several diseases that will form in the future. For this reason, the deficiencies formed must be suppressed by natural nutritional supplements
New Life represents the safety of Sifar Pharmaceuticals, the respected name in Turkish Pharma Market. In Nutritional Food Supplement Market, our goal as Sifar Pharmaceuticals is to apply our past experiences and knowledge in drug sector together with our innovator soul and dynamic structure.
Only unchanged entity from capsule to package: Quality
Quality, the most important building stone of our company during its 40 years background, is also the biggest guarantee of New Life brand. The quality for New Life products starts from the selection of raw material. Our products contain only the raw materials that the quality can be proved. Then, these raw materials are taken to production in facilities with high pharmaceutical quality control standards. All of New Life products are produced abroad according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
The quality of New Life products shows its self not only in production site but also in product characteristics. All of our products are formed by fish gelatin or vegetable gelatin. Thus, although our costs increase, we show our addiction to quality by not giving products to the market containing bovine or pig gelatin that carries various diseases risk.
Also, the New Life products are presented to market in blister packages. The reason why we select blister packages is to provide better protection of products and decrease the contamination risk to zero. Also, blister package provides usage easiness to consumers. By these new packages consumers may not carry the entire box, but only the needed amount.