Certificates and AwardsCERTIFICATE & PRIZE

All of the Omega-3 products under the New Life brand have been tested and approved by 5 star IFOS rating. The IFOS (International Fish Oil Standarts) Program tests Omega-3 and whole fish products for PCB, Mercury, Heavy Metals, and Oxidation levels in accordance with Council for Responsible Nutrition’s voluntary monograph on Omega-3 products and safety standards for human consumption. Dioxin and Furan levels are tested against the World Health Organization’s standard and Omega-3 concentration is tested and compared with the product label claim
Although the standard detection limit expressed for each category is set by the governing organization, the IFOS program tests the products at far lower levels of detection in most categories, based on the most advanced analysis technology platforms available. 
More information regarding the IFOS Program and the testing results of New Life EFA Products can be found at the following webpage:
http://www.ifosprogram.com/IFOS/ConsumerReport.aspx (New Life EFA Products are listed under Sifar Ilaclari)