EFA S-1200

EFA S-1200


Fish Oil 1200 mg
Omega 3 720 mg
EPA 396 mg
DHA 264 mg
Other Omega 3 60 mg
Calorie 12,5 kcal
The omega-3 is in triglyceride form. The majority of the products in the market are in ethyl ester form. The bioavailability of triglyceride is 3 times higher than the ethyl ester form.  Thus, one capsule of triglyceride Omega-3 is equal to 3 capsules of ethyl ester. 
The high amount of toxins and pollutants in the sea, the fish oil has to be purified thoroughly, or else it can contain dangerous amounts of toxins.  The fish oil purified with Puremax technology has the toxin level at lower than 10% of the minimum acceptable rate.  
The fish oil from Croda International, UK is used in this product.
This product is manufactured in United Kingdom